Le concept GenTa
Benefit from a single, dedicated contact person

GenTa allows you direct and easy access to international recruitment

GenTa aims to democratise access to international recruitment for SMEs and large enterprises. Your single point of contact coordinates all the administrative, logistical and HR aspects related to the arrival of your talents.

Our observations

GenTa notes the evolution of the labour market

  • 1st observation

    It is extremely difficult to recruit for shortage occupations.

    All companies have noted a shortage of French candidates to fill permanent vacancies and to respond to peaks in activity. At a time when turnover has become the rule, GenTa aims to promote permanence.

  • 2nd observation

    Demographic shock destabilises the labour market.

    France is facing a demographic deficit, with more people retiring than entering the market. Companies are therefore forced to adapt and innovate in their recruitment policies.

  • 3rd observation

    The international talent race has already begun.

    All developed countries are facing a labour shortage due to the ageing of their population. Each country therefore adopts a policy of selected professional immigration. This attraction race forces public and private players to be reactive in order to attract the best talents.

Nos constats
Notre réponse à ces constats
Our response to these observations

GenTa offers you unrivalled sourcing of French-speaking talents

Professional impatriation
Thanks to the Group's international locations...
Temporary employment and integration
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Notre adn
Our dna

GenTa acts on the basis of the values of openness, rigour and proximity

Ouverture internationale

An international openness

The group's activities were launched in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates and subsequently throughout the Gulf, the Levant and Africa. Supported by multicultural and multilingual teams, the experience of migration and inclusion is embedded in GenTa.
Approche rigoureuse

A rigorous approach

Genta attaches particular importance to the quality of the services it provides to its clients and to the reliability of the Talents it offers. Quality and competence remain our hallmarks.
Partenaire proximité

A Real Proximity

GenTa supports its clients and talent wherever they are, with pre-positioned teams. This allows us to offer services tailored to the local environment.
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